Amcrest Thermal Camera
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Amcrest Thermal Kit
Amcrest Thermal Camera Body Temperature Monitoring Solution

What’s Included

Everything needed to get setup including detailed instructional videos and user manuals are included. In addition, our US based team out of Houston, Texas, is on the line ready to assist and walk you through every step of the way.
Hardware includes the high-sensitivity VOx thermal hybrid thermal camera, body temperature blackbody calibrator box, Amcrest AI NVR, two tripods, and other installation accessories.

Hybrid Thermal camera Hybrid camera
Blackbody calibrator box Hybrid camera
Amcrest AI NVR Hybrid camera
Two tripods Hybrid camera


The Amcrest thermal camera body temperature solution is extremely useful in crowded areas where measuring body temperatures quickly is of critical importance.

Such applications include commercial buildings such as warehouse, retail and manufacturing operations as well as public sector infrastructure such as hospitals, transit systems, schools, emergency services and other government buildings.

Real-Time Accuracy

The solution measures highly accurate temperature readings within ±0.54°F.

± 0.54°F
12 distinct

Accurately detect up to 30 distinct body temperature readings simultaneously

The solutions also features optional facial expression readings.

High Temperature Alerts

The built-in siren alarm and strobe light will alert you to high temperature readings.

Temp Alert
High Efficiency

High Efficiency

Receive highly accurate readings from a distance of 9.8ft away and within a span of 4.3ft across..

Premium Features

Two-Way Audio

Built-in microphone and speaker.

Alarm Outputs

High body temperature siren alerts.

Facial Expression Readings

Facial Recognition

Human Detection

Minimize false motion detection alerts.

People Counting

Monitor how many people are entering your facility.

Dedicated U.S Support

Handled by our team located in Houston, Texas.

All in One Solution

The thermal imagery is transmitted directly to the Amcrest AI NVR for real-time monitoring and analysis when plugged in to a monitor.

The system can also be accessed through a Windows PC on the network.

Closed Circuit System

It can operate as a completely independent unit with a monitor attached directly to the NVR and no outside network connection necessary.

US Supports & Warranty

This product comes with a 1-year warranty backed by Amcrest Industries LLC based in Houston, TX.

The solution comes with extensive user manuals as well as video setup guide. All thermal camera solution customer support will be handled by our US based team our of our headquarters in Houston Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm Central.

Installer & Bulk Pricing

Reach out to us for discounts on multiple units as well as special pricing for installer and integrator discounts.

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The thermal camera is IP67 weatherproof rated, but the calibrator and NVR are not rated for outdoor use. Outside temperature and humidity may affect the temperature readings and we recommend using the system indoors.
The Amcrest body temperature solution is designed to be used for real-time monitoring, allowing you to immediately detect high body temperatures. Can be used locally (off-network) or can be connected to a network for additional monitoring.
The Amcrest Thermal Camera body temperature solution is highly accurate and can detect up to 30 distinct body temperature readings that are accurate within +/- 0.54°F and allows for real-time monitoring.
The body temperature solution comes included with everything you need to install, and we have a team of U.S based support agents to assist you with installation every step of the way. Installation consists of physical installation, which takes only minutes, along with a software configuration which is all detailed in our documentation.
The black body is a standard temperature source. The thermal cameras can accurately calibrate body temperatures based on the temperature of the black body. The data is then transmitted to the AI NVR. Please never touch the sensor to the black body calibrator, tampering with the sensor may damage the unit.
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