Spring/Summer Cleaning your DvR/NvR

Have some questions or having issues with your DVR/NVR(s), Post them here for the mods and other users to assist you with.
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Spring/Summer Cleaning your DvR/NvR

Postby Revo2Maxx » Fri Jul 12, 2019 3:04 pm

While not everyone has their DVR or NVR hidden away and may have daily access to them. Mine however is out of sight and I like to from time to time clean them at the same time check over things for errors incase the HDD goes bad. So While I did have my OLDER 16ch apart not long ago I did take it back out and give it a cleaning...

First please people DON'T put your DVR nvr or most of your Electronics in your Kitchen or room that is attached to your kitchen without protection. Water GREASE or most everything in your kitchen is bad for Electronics. Remember most times your DVR/NVR is moving air. This air is pulled into your unit from open side over the main board, the ram and CPU chips. Moisture is bad for your Electronics... Grease is worse lol....

So while mine are in a ROOM with no access to outside people, It is connected to my Whole House Fresh Air system and HVAC. However there are days I forget to replace the filters and dust can make it in my Control room. So once a year I clean out my ROOM and all that is in it. Including my Servers and PSU units. Do to the size of room it is a lot of work lol....

While I can't or won't show my room for Security reasons I did take a picture of my Cleaned DVR's added to a GIF and will post. What is important to me is that all the Fans are working. In these units I have stock Fans. The one DVR that I changed out the fans in is at my Cabin and haven't cleaned it this year yet. So fans working and cleaned out. Then I make sure there is no dust in the fins of the heat sinks and also in some I have seen dust compact onto chip pins so I make sure it is well cleaned out from all dust. Not much for cleaning out this year seeing I have a Reminder on my Filters on my phone now days So I haven't missed any changes this year...

Last thing to remember. Don't man handle your DVR/NVRs Make sure they are UN Plugged before taking off the Cover and try and work in a Static free area. Static is just as bad as Water and Grease Static just works faster...

If it is Really Dusty best to take it out doors for cleaning....
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