Loud High Pitched Sound - Baby Monitor Mode Night Vision

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Loud High Pitched Sound - Baby Monitor Mode Night Vision

Postby njames21 » Mon Jun 29, 2020 1:19 pm

Hi -

I use two Amcrest cameras (ASH21) in my kids' rooms. On both of them, they work just fine when there is light in the room. However, the second I hear the click and the camera switches to Night Vision mode, there is a high pitched sound that almost sounds like crickets chirping. This occurs on both cameras, they've both been hard reset, there isn't anything else turning on in the rooms at the same time as Night Vision. I don't know what else could be causing this.

Has anybody else ran into this? The noise is so loud that I'm going to have to use another tool for audio because I can't sleep with this loud chirping just to hear if my kid wakes up. The video is great.


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Re: Loud High Pitched Sound - Baby Monitor Mode Night Vision

Postby Revo2Maxx » Mon Jun 29, 2020 2:41 pm

@njames21 Hello and Welcome to the Forum

I am going to guess that at this time best thing to try is Move the Camera to another room that don't share your kids room power plug...

Kitchen for testing would be good place or a bathroom that has its own Plug.. Another plug if you don't use your washer at the same time Put it on your Washers outlet and when it goes into night vision see if it is the same issue..
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