Configuring alarm, auto-logout, sub-stream switching

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Configuring alarm, auto-logout, sub-stream switching

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I have an Amcrest Ultra HD 2K camera, and after installing the latest firmware, it shows Software Version V2.620.00AC00.3.R, Build Date: 2019-12-18. I have a few issues that I had questions about. I work from home and have this camera set up on my back porch to watch for my cat. I have a laptop on my desk running the web UI, so I can see if she is about to bring a chipmunk (or some other critter) in through the cat door.

1. Is there a way to configure an alarm setting so the laptop will play a notification sound on motion detection? I can see the little camera icon turns red, but I'd like to make it play a sound.

2. I just leave the viewer up most of the day, but after an hour or so, if I click a button, it says my session has expired and forces me to re-enter the password. Is there a way to turn that off so that the password doesn't time out?

3. Is there a way to turn off the auto-switching to sub-stream? Sometimes it decides it needs to do that, and if I switch it back to main, it switches it to sub-stream again. At one point, I turned the sub-stream off, but I'd like to keep it on for another app. I just don't want it to auto-switch.

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