Turn off Update Time 841 on new Firmware

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Turn off Update Time 841 on new Firmware

Postby Revo2Maxx » Sun Nov 10, 2019 5:02 pm

Anyone know of a way to turn off the Update time every time a computer or DVR or what connects to the camera?

So one of the things that IRKS me about the NEW FW is that there is no constant Connection. This is even true for DVR's So around every min or so sometimes less some times more it seems the DVR is logging into the Camera

So Glad to see there is a Syslog ability and With that I have setup a Syslog to take all my logs. I just ran a Report and it show the top 50 Logged items Getting TIme. Log in 1272 and out 1271 because the last out hasn't happened when report was generated.

That is just logging into my DVR, I have it also setup on a PC-NVR so there are them in and outs as well.

Anyway If someone knows the command I can send the camera to turn off setting of time that would be great. I can't find it listed in the CGI commands maybe someone has older list or one that has time listed.

If not no big deal just not looking forward to Paying for my Sys Log server software Free Demo for the month 500 for first year and 100 a year after seems little costly for 1 camera and 3 routers and 2 servers. ONly thing really logging loads is the camera the rest are doing 4 to 10 logs an hour

Just re ran the report for just the last 24hours. Mind you the Camera max Log and has been I found out for long time is 1024 items so if your camera not logging much could last a while Well over just 24 hours had 2792 LOGS from just that camera. just under 700 of them are log in and out of the DVR and time setting on the PC-NVR computer it logged in and out just over 70 times. 350 logs for Motion Guess I have to turn that off lol Turned off Emails and it wasn't even raining today. That was from just traffic.
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