DVR/NVR Rebooting Things to check.

Have some questions or having issues with your DVR/NVR(s), Post them here for the mods and other users to assist you with.
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DVR/NVR Rebooting Things to check.

Postby Revo2Maxx » Fri Aug 16, 2019 12:46 am

Hello all who read this. Do you have a issue with your system Rebooting more often then you have it set up to? Most times they are setup to Restart 1 time a week most times after mid night... However now for what ever reason yours is doing it every day or once every other day or even a few times a day...

First thing to Check is things that don't require you to take the top off. Like Check the Power Supply. I know this can be difficult if you don't know what your looking for. So your looking to see if maybe the Power Supply unit is HOT to the touch and is making your system shut down as a safety to save the PSU... It could be that the Unit has some items inside that is going bad and don't provide the power you need anymore to keep the unit running. Like say your PSU is 12v 2amp. It could be that your system has bad part and now only gives 1.50amps bad part cools off and 2amps come back and unit works again... So best to try another PSU. If the unit keeps turning off still?

Take the cover off and inspect for DUST. Most DVR/NVR will have 1 fan some have 2 and 3 fans even. Check they are still working and not full of dust. Now is a good time to use some Canned air and clean out the system... DON'T touch the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Unplug the Wiring off the unit, Power, HDMI, BNC or Cat5, anything that can provide power to the unit make sure it is unplugged. Lets make sure the Cables to the HDD are fully set. Unplug them, first the Power wires, then the Sata cable. Then Plug them back in. Sata cable then the Power cable. There should be a metal clip on the ends if so you want to press them in until you hear them click so you know it has a good connection. Don't just unplug the Cables from the HDD also the PCB Both side should have the clip and will click when you have them connected fully
Plug everything back in and check to see if it still is rebooting when it shouldn't. if so then you will want to trouble shoot your system wiring. First I would unplug the Cat5 cable from the network and see if that will change reboot. While is not connected you will not be able to remote View your system on your phone or other devices. If this isn't the issue, If you have any alarms in and out. Unplug them one at a time for testing. Once you find what was causing the system to reboot fix and put all back together...

Most times it is going to be a power supply. HDD can at times make things act funny. Most times it will not let you DL your files for off system viewing. if it does when you go to play the file it might play a min or 2 and then say file is bad. That is what my 16ch DVR did when the HDD went bad. Then crazy thing and don't know how bad HDD would make CH1 go out but CH1 stopped working as well lol Once took out drive tested and CH1 came back online. So Ordered a new HDD and while I was waiting for it in the Mail I used my CMS to record on my computer. HDD on DVR isn't needed to have system work only needed for local unit recording... By the way if you can afford it I wold have a New 1TB or better HDD for your system on standby just in case...

So one of my Friends called me tonight and said his was turning off on him many times a day. Found out he had a 2amp PSU and took him one of mine. After a few hours and no rebooting he said must be it.. So I left the PSU with him while he orders a new one. So I thought I would write something up incase others have the same problem maybe give someone idea of where to start looking.
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