Rule to turn light on when motion detecterd

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Rule to turn light on when motion detecterd

Postby GBSDirect » Tue May 28, 2019 11:21 pm

I'm planning to purchase 8 of these external Cameras; Amcrest ProHD Outdoor 3 Megapixel Wi-Fi Vandal Dome IP Security Camera - IP67 Weatherproof, IK10 Vandal-Proof, MicroSD Storage, 3MP (2048 TVL), IP3M-956W and 1 of these; Amcrest NV4108-HS 4K NVR units.

Is it possible to program a trigger or rule that will automatically turn a wifi light on inside the home when motion is detected and then off after a set time period but have this rule deactivated during the day? This is for a property that no one lives in and is only visited for a couple of hours during most days but never at night and it's located in a high crime area. I've researched the IFTTT app ([url][/url]) but they don't have anything for Amcrest products. They do however have rules that work with Wyze cameras.

Also, in addition to turning lights on when motion is detected, I'd also like to activate a wifi plug that will turn on a stereo or other audio device that will play a recording of either a dog barking or peoples voices or both.

If the above-described scenario is not possible with Amcrest cameras I'm open to suggestions on how to accomplish my goals.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Rule to turn light on when motion detecterd

Postby longedge » Wed May 29, 2019 2:46 am

Don't know whether my layout would serve you. I have 6 x exterior lights around the outside of my house 5 of which are controlled by inbuilt IR sensors the 6th one runs as a 'slave' from one of the lights with a sensor i.e. it is switched on by the other light. I could just as easily have it sounding an alarm say or anything else driven by mains voltage (as long as the current drawn is not excessive). Not a good idea for powering the camera admittedly, it wouldn't work, but it could certainly have an electonic dog barking.

You can of course buy standalone IR sensor switches to do the same job but the inbuilt ones work perfectly.
Using IP2M-841B (firmware 2.520.AC00.18.R).

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Re: Rule to turn light on when motion detecterd

Postby Revo2Maxx » Sat Jun 15, 2019 11:28 pm

While I am not sure about products that would work with Amcrest. I can tell you that what your asking for might set you up for Failure in the start. High Crime Smart Criminals. IF there is someone casing your place. What you propose will not keep anyone out just give the Criminals the idea it is a clear and safe target.

If this was me. 3 things.
1 Buy and install an alarm system. One that goes out to a Call Center.
2 Buy and install camera system that will send me alerts and let me Remote view anytime needed...
3 Buy some Digital Timers that have more then 2 settings. 7 times is good. Then have them time set random over the week. Buy one timer that you can setup to random turn on a light if it is 2 story for the stair light. This can be an analog timer that the times running stay the same but times on differ to make it seem random. have to go to bathroom light goes on stays on for 5 min then off. If it was to go on all the time at same set time they would pick it up as such random makes it appear someone is home. Remember you can not just have the hall light go on without a Bathroom light it has to be On, few seconds or 1 min bathroom light on. THen bathroom light off then shortly there after to a little time after again can be random as not all people return back to the bedroom right after using the bathroom.... Raid the Fridge or make some toast for upset stomach.

While this is something that can be done it can take some time to workout the system to work right.... There is a 4th thing. Don't let the Insurance lapse. . Get it covered by all that you can. Even if it don't flood in your area never know when the water main will break your not there hard to know. If you don't have basement then forget that lol... My house and Cabin both has basements.. Also forget in some places people are like what is that lol....
My family home was built in 1909 didn't even have a basement in it until my dad bought it in early 70's after he bought it... Closed up the Coal shaft and dug out the PIT with a 4ft ledge around but other then that had full basement 3 bedrooms and Gathering room that shared laundry lol So kids trying to watch TV clothes being cleaned wasn't always so much fun lol....

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