Adding IP Camera Live Stream to Website

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Adding IP Camera Live Stream to Website

Postby CoastalRower » Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:33 pm

Hi there,

I just took over management of our rowing club website and a volunteer recently upgraded our camera to an Amcrest solution. We're hoping to emulate our neighbor's Video Stream solution with our Amcrest camera. The only difference is that we do not need to give users access to moving the camera, we'd just have a static view of our dock at all times. Here's what their stream looks like:

Our website manager has since left the club, but before he left he created a quick solution for using still images which refresh every 5 minutes. Unfortunately, this requires hosting our images on a colleague's third party server which we'd like move away from.

- Can we securely displaying either a live video stream or single and refreshed images from our IP Camera without relying on a third party server. Is this possible using prescribed script? We do not want to expose the DDNS or ISP IP Address and Port and ANY User credentials for our IP Cameras, as we'd like to limit use of our camera feed while still enabling folks to see the stream from our website. How can we securely share our camera stream?

- A Live video stream would be ideal, but I'm concerned that streaming bandwidth could exceed our ISPs monthly bandwidth limits if we provide Live Video Streams directly from our IP Camera. Can you advise on this issue? What information do we need to know from our ISP before we consider video? Is there another solution?

I found another thread and followed the instructions but the code did not work and it seems to still give viewers access to our IP address and username/password. I created a non-admin account to test this, but it sill did not work. Here's a link to the thread I reviewed: ... t2920.html

Any help or advice would be most appreciative!


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Re: Adding IP Camera Live Stream to Website

Postby jack7 » Wed Jan 16, 2019 6:28 pm

I believe you need some kind of third party(server, program, device, etc.) in order to help solve the security issues you mentioned for video streams. The easiest and fastest way is probably to try a site like this:

Another possibility is to configure your camera to FTP snapshots at a desired interval, and FTP them to your website, if your website has the capability to receive them, handle the folder and file names that the camera sends, and update a webpage image.

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Re: Adding IP Camera Live Stream to Website

Postby mehrdad22 » Fri Jan 18, 2019 2:56 pm

what this mean?
ip camera subnet mask?

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