AD410 Set Static IP

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Re: AD410 Set Static IP

Post by Revo2Maxx »

I did pass it along, I will see if something comes back to me. I can't say that everything I pass along makes any head way. It very well could be the Doorbell. However out of the info that comes back to me from the Device Config there is nothing that would tell me the camera is causing the Mac Splits. However I am not sure really that all the info about the cameras come back in a backup anyway..

Had no contact this week so I am not sure if they are in a Yearly out of office event or what but as soon as I hear something I will pass it along..
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Re: AD410 Set Static IP

Post by abigdeel »

Thanks for passing it along. It really is a bit of a strange issue.

So just now I was looking at the RTSP stream from the camera and I noticed it was stuttering. Checked and it was connected to the weaker mesh node. So I went into my router settings and bound it to the stronger node. The AD410 dropped off my wifi and then shortly after connected to the stronger node. It kept the same MAC address and same IP address since that is set through the doorbell now. It's connected and signal strength is great, but the doorbell can't seem to connect to the internet (it's showing offline in my app).

This happens every time I manually bind the doorbell to the stronger node. It's just going to stay like this for a while, reconnect a couple times but never show up as online in the app or get the RTSP stream going. Then it will eventually change MAC addresses and come back as a different device and connect to one of the two nodes, maybe the weaker one. It'll work fine then. And because the static IP is set through the doorbell, it'll stay the same.

If I had just rebooted the doorbell, it probably would've connected to the stronger node and kept on working fine. That usually works as a solution, but manually binding it to the stronger node messes it up every time! It just gets hung up when forced to connect to a different node.

There's something going on in the doorbell's wifi logic that is messing things up when it comes to mesh wifi. Or maybe it's just this specific mesh wifi (ASUS Zenwifi XT8). Only got it a couple months back but I've bound like 10+ stationary devices so far and none of them behave like this.

Okay so I waited an hour before posting this. And in that time the doorbell came back as REALTEK SEMICONDUCTOR CORP and connected to the stronger node. But it still wouldn't connect to the network properly. And after about another 10 minutes, it connected to the other weaker node (since it's no longer bound) and it's up and running again. Just to confirm, I bound it to the stronger node again, and I ended up with another REALTEK device bound to the weaker node after a while.

So the doorbell is failing to recognize this as a mesh network or doesn't have the capability to. That's pretty much all I know for sure.
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