Forced Firmware Update

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Re: Forced Firmware Update

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@mel0dia Welcome to the forum..

So a couple of things you might want to know.. If your camera your talking about is an 841 that others in this thread was talking about then your camera is on some very old FW.. FW updates that you would get a message in the camera from is only NON JS FW anything that has been out after the 2019 date will have to be DL by the user.. That page can be found on Amcrest support pages and at some point all cameras will be Forced to upgrade to JS FW so they can be used with Chrome or Edge.. Any of the older cameras like the 841 on older FW like most of mine are on 2.520 from 2017 only work with IE or a couple of others that still will work with the plug-ins.. Please note after IE no longer works there is an Extension that can be used but not sure how long after IE no longer works that it would work that way but people can use it in Chrome and Edge..

So if there was a FW update that was forced at one time I am going to guess that was caused by an issue within Security of the camera.. Just being asked to Update is not being Forced.. Being forced is the camera not working until you do the update...

Cameras still work in AVP, and ASP from Amcrest, Also they work fine within the NVR as well.. So there are ways to use them even after IE is no longer...

So I have a couple of cameras that are on older FW that I don't get any notices and there are a few things I have to do after they are set back to factory to even start getting notices, First Have to connect to a Good DNS server most of mine I setup to and however if I do a Reset of the camera and don't add them I will not get a message about an update.. Also if you update to 2.520 from 2017 the camera will no longer tell you there is a new FW so might want to update to the last known good FW there are some older FW that might have Security updates that make the camera more secure when connected to the internet...
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