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Anyone using the output of an 841

Posted: Sat Oct 12, 2019 4:20 pm
by Revo2Maxx
Hello all, I am looking to setup the in and output of the camera so I could do somethings that I want to do.

However here is an issue. One I can't access it over phone APP
The output don't have a good output 60ohms on one and 75.6ohms on the other camera when triggered?
Also when I access the WebUI on older FW it lets me click it in setup to turn off but NEVER Turns off. Motion still makes it activate even though I have it unchecked EVEN changed the Enable unchecked still motion will make it active.
SO I know it is the right one because if I move from NO or NC it will change output to closed always on unless activated

Anyone using theirs? Anyone willing to test the OUTPUT and let me know what their ohms is. Or is it Pure contact when active?

If you don't understand the back I am going to guess that everyone might think it says 1000 but really itis IGGO and that is for " In Ground Ground and Out "

Oh last thing a normal Breadboard wire set won't make contact with inside of ports so will need to strip off a good double that pin length to make contact.

James N

Re: Anyone using the output of an 841

Posted: Sat Oct 12, 2019 9:48 pm
by Revo2Maxx
Well update. Seeing at this time the system won't move the camera back to a HOME position and the cameras output seems to be active no matter how much I try to tell it not to be lol... It might not be a usable item for me anyway.

However on a Side note. I did think of a good way to use the Input lol. Hook itup to a Alarm Motion Sensor in your HOME LOCATION area and when it gets motion it will move camera back to say Preset 1 for Home. This way if you have your system setup to say have Camera 5 on motion Ptz camera 8 to preset 4. Then seeing sadly I don't see a way for it to return home. The Motion sensor would trigger the Camera to go back to Preset 1.

Tested the Input it does work tested the output and input ports found them tied into other parts of the camera that make me feel like better not use the output port lol My ESR meter says it is tied to the IR system. Grrr.