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Inconsistent snapshot emails

Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 2:05 pm
by TXResident
Ok, so I have a weird issue. I have 3 IP8M-2496 cameras. During the day Camera 2 sends me snapshots via email when motion is detected and cam 1 & 3 I get nothing. At night, cam 2 STOPS sending me emails and cam 1 & 3 kick in over the night and get all snapshots.

I have checked all settings, set back to default, set settings to detect motion on set regions and still get the same issue.I have tested it out to see if it will detect me and send a snapshot for cams 1 & 3, I dont get anything. I will say that it does record and I am able to playback. I have a hard time with Amcrest Customer Service understanding them & lack of support.

Do anyone know what could be going on? I am frustrated that I have to deal with this. This just started happening about a week ago.

Re: Inconsistent snapshot emails

Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 3:40 pm
by Revo2Maxx
Sorry I am not sure it is understood how things are setup? If you have fixed this issue please be sure to Post back what you did so others that may have this issue might want to try your solution.

So to try and understand better... you have IP cameras going to a NVR that you have setup to send you emails??

Or you have your Cameras that are stand alone and only connected over Surveillance Pro or other web app?

So if your able to get them at one part of the day and not at the other part of the day I am going to assume that when you reset back to Default it didn't take.

What it sounds like is that your system is connected over an NVR with the system set to send notices from a set time Then on the unit that is working on the off time of the other 2 you did a Config under motion and changed only the 1 camera settings and that is why it is different the others....

Other option was that you have a NVR setup but when you tried to make changes the Camera Motion to send emails for them cameras isn't changing in the Cameras them self and the system is still following that info...

Now to make things even more Complex. If your system is connected with the Cloud then when you made the changes in the Camera over what ever app you used it wasn't changed in the CLOUD and the CLOUD keeps changing things back. While I had this issue with my IP camera. It would work then in my LoGS i seen changes made that I didn't do and could tell it wasn't me because there was no mention of ADMIN making the changes it was Blank. After some trouble shooting and removing the CLOUD account that problem has gone away...

I am sure by now they have fixed this. Or assume they have. It is still something to look into if you your system connected to the CLOUD

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