Problems with IP3M-941W

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Problems with IP3M-941W

Postby MrRusch » Wed Jan 30, 2019 12:49 am

I recently purchased a set of cameras from you, and am now having a lot of trouble integrating e.g. the IP3M-941W model into my home automation. I have a few questions about your API:

1. Is this the latest version of your documentation? ... 3.2017.pdf It is dated early 2017!

2. The documentation says that authorization should work through both Basic and Digest, but it seems only Digest is accepted by the camera. Is this going to be fixed? If not, any possibility that you will allow authentication through URL parameters going forward? It is very hard to integrate Digest auth into any type of web page, and I'm having to run everything through a relay at the moment.

3. I'm having trouble issuing commands through the ptz.cgi interface. The "getStatus" action works, but many of the set-functions respond with "ErrorID=5, Detail=Server internal error!". For example "http://URL:PORT/cgi-bin/ptz.cgi?action=start&channel=0&code=GotoPreset&arg1=0&arg2=1&arg3=0&arg4=0". I have set presets 1-4 in the WebView GUI. I cannot find any detailed logs of what is going wrong in the camera.

4. Regarding presets - I can see in the response from the "getPresets" action that they have names. Is there any way to change these to something more descriptive than e.g. "Preset01"? I cannot find a method in WebView GUI or API.

5. Is there any way to get the full resolution from the MJPEG stream? It seems the main stream cannot be set to MJPEG, and the substream (which can be set to MJPEG) cannot have a resolution above VGA - at least when changing settings in your WebView GUI. Again, very hard to integrate RTSP streams into web sites.

6. I'm on the "latest" firmware - 2.520.AC00.18.R, Build Date: 2017-06-29. Is this really the latest update? It's more than 1½ year old! I found this archive: - but very few firmwares are even dated in 2018. Are there going to be further firmware updates for the IP3M-941W?

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