Bring Back Grid Motion Detection - AD110

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Bring Back Grid Motion Detection - AD110

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With the new firmware update to the AD110 (1.000.00AC006.0.R.200828) it removed the grid allowing you to choose where you would like to set motion detection with a horribly designed 3 zone half circle where you choose the detection percentage. No matter what I choose, whenever a car drives by my house, the motion detection goes off. It's incredibly annoying and wasting my time and storage.
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Re: Bring Back Grid Motion Detection - AD110

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I agree and have mentioned the same thing to Amcrest as well.. Hope they get this done as I personally don't like this 1/2 pie non functional thing and sadly I have to have Motion off because there is no way I can have it on and not pickup everything that passes by my house on the road 30' away or any thing...
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