AD410 - Option to Disable Bell Chime at Doorbell

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AD410 - Option to Disable Bell Chime at Doorbell

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Installed my new AD410... so far so good.

My feature request per above subject is due to the fact that my mechanical chime is literally on the other side of the wall from the doorbell... so a doorbell press creates two chime events (and with a delay between the two) - one from the doorbell speaker and the other from the mechanical chime.

You can clearly hear the mechanical chime when you press the doorbell button so no need to have the doorbell itself chime as well... (wife and UPS guy already making comments...)

Would hope this is a rather small inclusion in a forthcoming firmware update.
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Re: AD410 - Option to Disable Bell Chime at Doorbell

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So I personally have not tried it but I am going to guess that the Siren Volume is also the Bell on the camera. Personally I don't like the Siren don't sound good enough to make anyone run off in my mind.. Anyway in the AD110 there are 2 options just like there is with the AD410 only difference is the AD410 calls the first one Siren and on the AD110 it is called Doorbell chime Volume I have mine off on my Ad110 Again I have not changed the Ad410 but if you bring up the Doorbell click on the COG top right, then scroll down to the Doorbell Tone and Volume and lower that down to the Mute or almost mute (Siren Volume one) that outside sound will not be present and sure setting off the Siren from then on won't be heard either but it is an option...
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