View &/or Control AD410 from PC

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View &/or Control AD410 from PC

Post by Amcres4RcW »

I would like to View and/or control the AD410 from my PC Laptop with the Amcrest Smart Home App.

I spend a lot more time on my laptop than my phone when at home.

Is there a plug-in for notifications or some way to connect the phone to the PC for this purpose?

Thanks to all!
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Re: View &/or Control AD410 from PC

Post by GaryOkie »

I've been using PushBullet for phone>PC notifications/text msgs. Recently switched to Windows 10 Phone Companion which enables both text messages and notifications to popup on Windows. With Android phones that support "Link to Windows" you can also display phone apps with this app. see ... 40d7491d435
The caveat is that your phone and PC need to be on the same WiFi network.

There are also Android and iOS emulators that run on Windows. Haven't tried SmartHome running in an emulator. It's normally used for development of mobile apps, not day to day use.

Windows 11 will support running Android apps natively.
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