Record but don't notify during a certain time

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Record but don't notify during a certain time

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Hi All,

For the ASH-26 (floodlight smart cam), during the day the sun and clouds and even trees blowing can cause motion detection/recording. This is fine. I want it to detect and record.

The issue is I don't want push notifications during this time. The probability of someone being in this location is low but it causes my phone to notify sometimes as much as 30 times in an hour.

Since I want to record regardless and don't want push notification during this time, is there a way to accomplish this scheduling?

I know I can do continuous recording but I want the alerts (especially at night), just no notification during a certain time.

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Re: Record but don't notify during a certain time

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In the Smart Home app there is a Schedule of when you want it to send Notices just adjust that for your needs and it will only send alerts at those times..

Bring up your Smart Home app., Then click the cog in top right corner then scroll down until you see Push Notfication under that should have Schedule there you can choose when it sends you notices
Thanks to all that has helped out others on the Forum
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