Trying to use Smart Client to access NV2108E-HS

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Trying to use Smart Client to access NV2108E-HS

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I'm trying to use Amcrest Smart Client to access my NV2108E-HS NVR but the application can't seem to find the NVR.

I have tried "searching" but nothing shows up in the list. I have tried entering the IP address directly and logging on with user admin and the current admin password but all I get is a message saying that the login failed and I should try again latter. I have tried both my TCP port (37777) and my HTTP port (80) as the "media port" but neither works.

The NVR and my computer are hardwired to the same router, and both "Amcrest IP Config" and "Amcrest Surveillance Pro" are able to access the NVR without trouble.

I have tried both "Smart Client" and "Qcom Smart Client", neither one works.

Can someone please help me out?

Thanks in advance
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