Software to handle AI (IP8M) cameras?

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Software to handle AI (IP8M) cameras?

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I am just starting with the IP8M-T2599EW. I have it recording to my NAS, and it seems to be doing that with no problems.

Is there software, ideally linux based with a web interface, that will handle the file structure amcrest creates? If it could combine it with live view that would be nice. It would also be a bonus if it could handle additional cameras too.

I don't want to stream the image continually - I haven't actually calculated how much bandwidth that would use up, but I would think it makes sense to use the onboard motion detection. Additionally, blue-iris is windows based so I'd prefer to not have a windows machine running 24/7 either.

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Re: Software to handle AI (IP8M) cameras?

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You could store your motion detected video clips, view the clips or live view, and support multiple cameras with a device similar to this. ... 05931&th=1
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