Smart Home ver 3.3.6 Live View Play Error

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Smart Home ver 3.3.6 Live View Play Error

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I have a AD110 that has this problem when trying to connect in the app to Live View. I have been seeing this error for a while now. on multiple iOS devices through different iOS versions have demonstrated issue. It does not matter if I am on WiFi or Cellular data.

I do have this device sending video too BlueIris with no problem at all.

Any thoughts on this?
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Re: Smart Home ver 3.3.6 Live View Play Error

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I am also having this problem. I got the AD110 installed last night and the AmcrestSmartHome app worked at first. Added the doorbell cam to AmcrestProView app and it works as well, and still does. I can see live video from the AmcrestViewPro app and my NAS. Did you find a solution to this?
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Re: Smart Home ver 3.3.6 Live View Play Error

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Just started getting “network error” on all my Alexa and iOS devices for my AD110! The Synology NAS is still recording fine. Can’t find any firmware online but even if I did, the NAS works so I don’t think it’s hardware. What’s up with the app???!?
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Re: Smart Home ver 3.3.6 Live View Play Error

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@ChuckAlso Welcome to the Forum

It would seem that we have come to a New Network down error or something it is on all devices on Smart Home.. my 702 FW doorbell is still able to connect to my NVR that has older FW.. However my 8xx FW that was removed from down load server after 4 days has gone offline and is in a Constant Connected to Network loop.. IT seems like it is connecting to the IP and then just as my NVR goes to let it in it changes from Timed out to Offline and then goes back to the "THe Login Return time is up" however as I said my 702fw is connected to my NVR without fail just don't get any calls to connect when the button is pressed. I do get the Call just when I answer it says it failed to connect...
Thanks to all that has helped out others on the Forum
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