Luxriot EVO

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Luxriot EVO

Post by longgone »

I have some IPM-721, IP2M-841 and IP4M-1051. Someone knows how to add them in Luxriot Evo? Standard RTSP and ONVIF don't work.
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Re: Luxriot EVO

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Hello and welcome to the Forum

I would guess if your system your trying to add them too won't work with ONVIF that maybe it don't support the Onvif that is in the Amcrest cameras...

You could for an option for testing go into the cameras and turn off the Option under ONVIF for secure connection and see if our able to connect then.. It could be that it don't like the Auth Method.. I had a Camera that I was trying to connect to under my NVR I couldn't connect. I changed some things over the IP config program and still didn't work.. I changed the option to make it un secure and it worked.. I have since removed that camera from my nvr but it might be something for testing out to see if it can work..
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