IP2M-858W and ispy software

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IP2M-858W and ispy software

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I have a IP2M-858W camera that works just fine with the Amcrest software. However I cannot get this thing to work in ispy to save me. I have tried everything I know and have read about getting it to work but can't. I dont know what I am doing wrong and would like some help. I love the camera and would like it to work in ispy. Any help would be really appreciated.
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Re: IP2M-858W and ispy software

Post by Revo2Maxx »

I am so lost why would you want to setup to Ispy ? I know someone in here uses it I think they said So I am sure they will post something... But I swear I checked out Ispy and it was like a Gateway software to have it open to the world when I loaded it I swear it came up with loads of cameras that I could see where some was beaches and things but if that is it and you want people free access to your camera more power to you...

However if your looking for a way to use your camera with access to it when your away from home I would just use Amcrest View Pro and p2P as long as you have Cell Data you can access your camera...

Also for me I just hate the name of the Software...
Thanks to all that has helped out others on the Forum
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