When you Replace your HDD

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When you Replace your HDD

Postby Revo2Maxx » Wed Jul 03, 2019 11:27 am

Hello all...

I wanted to take some time to offer some advice. Not all Electronics and or all people are the same. The areas we work in might be very damaging to our Electronics. So while you might see people out in the world of u tube not sure if I could put the real spelling out there so you might see people that are Man Handling PCB and acting like nothing can harm them and make you feel like just Changing a HDD couldn't harm the unit inside. I am going to tell you this isn't the case....

So when you go to make any changes in your DVR/NVR please use caution. Take steps to make sure your body is Discharged. Don't take your DVR onto Carpet. Forget the driver so you get up go get it and come in for a slide landing like a little kid at Christmas time.... MAKE SURE TO REMOVE ALL CABLES from the DVR/NVR before you open the case. That means EVERYTHING. NOTHING should be plugged into unit when you take cover off.

Take out the Screws from the case, If your by your computer or something with earth connection to the case please please touch this case before you take off the cover. Once the cover is off you can take some Canned air and blow off the inside of your DVR/NVR and top as well. Then being careful to remove sata and power wire, then take loose the 4 screws holding the HDD to the bottom. All the while DON"T TOUCH THE PCB in the unit. Slide the drive out. Take the screws out and put them in the new HDD a few turns and then slide the new drive back into the slots.

Once new drive is in your already holding on the HDD might as well plug in the HDD cables at this time. Then lifting the unit in the way of the holding slot (looking at the front of a 960H DVR you would lift the right side of DVR to the left) there you can now access the screws to tighten them down. Put the Cover on put in the screws and plug in all the BNC or Cat5 cables HDMI, mouse, Eth0 for network and then power. Turn on, log in format HDD and should be good to go.

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