Tripwire or Intrusion with 5 series?

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Tripwire or Intrusion with 5 series?

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Sales rep said the new 5 Series can do tripwire and intrusion detection on 5 cameras. Anyone ever tested this? I'm waiting to get a confirmation before ordering a 5 series or AI model after returning a model that would not do this.
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Re: Tripwire or Intrusion with 5 series?

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Hello and Welcome to the Forum

Right now there is a lot of odd things going on and sadly I don't know or have the info your looking for. When I asked some time back about 5216 I was told that the 42xx was only AI units being offered.. However not long after this I seen the 5215E-16P-4T unit for 1399 says it is able to do AI and was the unit paired with Thermal Hardware for being able to as the info says Take Temps and ID 12 people at 1 time.. So in that then it does have the Normal AI but paying 1399 for it to have that feature when one should be using for Taking Temps would really be a waste...

Then oddly looking at the other units like the 5216E-8P unit or others they don't talk about any AI on the web and again I wonder if the 16p unit was released with AI software for the business out there that was using the model of taking Temps before coming to work

So last year around July I was asking about AI hardware and the Release, What I was told was the AI hardware will have AI at the end.. SO while I do think the 5216E-8p might be able to have AI if it isn't released with AI it may or may not ever have a Release with the AI FW.. As I said before I was told 42xx was line that would have AI so I am not sure what or when something will happen. Just keep in mind it could be that the 52xx won't have any other models outside the 5216E - 16P - 4T model
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