Stream over AppleTV

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Stream over AppleTV

Post by bbates »

I'm search for a way to stream my cameras over an AppleTV. So far, if I use the app IP Cam Soft Pro on my AppleTV I can stream all of my cameras NOT connected to my Amcrest NV4116E-HS NVR. The cameras behind the NVR are invisible to the AppleTV app. Any help would be appreciated!
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Re: Stream over AppleTV

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Hello and Welcome to the Forum

So as you already know they are hidden as a way to make your system Secure.. To be honest it is one of the things I have told many of my Friends that have been users of DVRs that wasn't to move over to NVR's the best way to make the move is to use POE NVR then you only have 1 IP address to keep track of and unlike one of my friends that didn't listen to me found out a short time ago when someone went in his back yard and was using his Internet though one of his camera connections they un hooked..

to be honest the best thing to do if you want a camera is remove it from the NVR POE port and setup for your normal Network range.. your NVR can take on 2 Sets of IP's and run in the NVR without issue in most cases.. Your Normal Network IP range and your NVR POE Range 10.1.1.xx Now I do know there was some had ware out there that had issues with Audio over the front side (Normal network range) and the audio only would work on the back side (NVR POE range) If that is the case your your current FW then that could be an issue if your camera you want to use has Audio...

There are some other ways however in general it won't play well with your TV and normal network connection with using the TV so best to just make sure your Camera is not hidden behind the Firewall of the NVR..
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Re: Stream over AppleTV

Post by jack7 »

Try using Amcrest View Pro on IOS to display NVR camera stream(s). Then use IOS screen mirroring to Apple TV. 
Also try Amcrest Surveillance Pro on Mac OS with screen mirrowing.
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