REPLAY/PLAYBACK function recently started freezing (App only)?

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REPLAY/PLAYBACK function recently started freezing (App only)?

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Good morning all,

I have a very simple setup with 2 wifi cameras and a NVR. Up until Christmas everything worked like normal, including the replay function within the ViewPro app. Around the time I upgraded firmware on the NVR and noticed that anytime I had a camera (didn't matter which one) up and accessed replay mode, the playback would freeze/skip and even jump ahead 20 seconds or so, making the replay function useless.

Thinking this was the firmware, I reverted my changes back, but I'm still getting the same issues.

If I log into my NVR on my PC and access playback everything works perfectly fine - this only happens when using the REPLAY function OR the PLAYBACK function within the app.

Other than replacing the hard drive in the NVR, is there anything else I could try? The fact that the playback when logged into the NVR works fine makes me believe it's not hardware related but something on the app. Normal live view works fine as well.

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