Replacement for 960H?

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Replacement for 960H?

Post by RickKC7720 »

My 960H unit has conked out. Is there a newer unit that I can upgrade to with better features using the same cameras I have? Or should I just order another 960H?
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Re: Replacement for 960H?

Post by Revo2Maxx »

Sorry to hear that your system has given up.

So there are loads of systems that Amcrest offers that will work with your Current cameras..

So I guess the next question is what 960h system were you using and what features are needed for the new system? What is your Budget? You in the USA? Also are you sure your system is bad? I ask because at times these things can have issues without the machine going bad like a Bad Power supply and hard to believe but even a Hard Drive gone bad can make your system act like it is bad or even not work at all?

So I guess what trouble shooting have you done to make it a Bad Machine?

How many Channels are you looking to get into what is your current Channel setup?
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