PoE NVR -- Do I have to run Ethernet directly from camera to NVR?

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Re: PoE NVR -- Do I have to run Ethernet directly from camera to NVR?

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So I think I understand what you said here about Front Sides/Back Sides… I ended up getting a 4 port Amcrest switch before really looking into because I assumed I could just plug it into the NVR and keep my camera network separate.. I have one Ethernet cable to my garage and kind of just figured it would be no big deal and would keep my Amcrest Camera network separate and have a couple cameras passing through that switch/cable.. but after doing some more research getting ready for it’s arrival I see there may be some issues there. It is not a big deal to switch it to go through my regular network and then on to the nvr through it’s LAN port which is what I believe I am seeing/reading.
But am I gathering correctly that it may be worth a shot to see if it picks them up on it’s own network through the “Back Side/Built in NVR switch” ? And then if no luck pass through my “Front Side” network? It is a NV4216E-AI
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Re: PoE NVR -- Do I have to run Ethernet directly from camera to NVR?

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Well as of Now and might change in the future however right now my NV4216E-AI NVR does act differently then my 4108E. My 4216E-AI NVR will take both channels from the front side. Where my 4108E if I took my POE camera with and put it on my switch the camera wouldn't be able to be pulled into the NVR with that IP. So to be clear my NVR ip address is and that is my main network range, this NVR uses gateway and hands out IP in that range starting with as normal.

One of my other NVRs uses as the gate way to the POE when I removed a camera with adding that to my Switch for some testing I wanted to do outside my NVR. I thought I would also make sure that the NVR on couldn't take that and sure enough it would not find that camera even though I know it is there because I can log into it from my Computer...

So this means that as I have said at this time the 4216e can take both IP's from the front and back of the NVR.. Either of the 2 from front or back both will work. My 4108E don't work this way

So here is something you can do as well, You can make a connection to a camera that is non POE to your POE port and as long as it is setup for the Change it will work on your NVR POE port just isn't giving the camera power... So lets say you have some 841's and 1051's you want to connect and have off the normal network IP range and want only on the NVR's Range. Connecting the 2 cameras to the POE port of the NVR and then power the camera with the given 5vdc power will act like this is a POE camera only thing is that it will not show the Connected Icon on the GUI because that little connected Icon is showing that it is a Powered Port.. at this time I am able to connect to both Front and back ports with the 10.0.0.xxx or 10.1.1.xxx range with out issue. Anything outside that like from my other NVR that has 10.23.1.xxx will not find or connect without changing IP range
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