On Reboot NVR and DVR show locks on Preview

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On Reboot NVR and DVR show locks on Preview

Postby Revo2Maxx » Fri Jul 10, 2020 11:00 pm

Hello all..

So I have this issue and while it isn't really an issue it just bothers me... So on my 4108H my NVR starts up with only CH1 loaded and all the other on the 9ch setup show a Lock? This never used to do this!?

On my 7204 it used to LOCK all 4 ch however the last time I added my IP channels back when the DVR laods only my CVI channels are locked the 2 IP are in view mode!?

So I use the Admin account for my NVR and I have setup a seconds account on my DVR called Locked because I keep getting locked out of my Admin so now I can log into both and both will have same CVI locked and IP are not..

To be able to view the cameras I have to Log into the NVR or DVR and they come online without issue?!

My 2116-HS has yet to do this to me however I am guessing just give it time.. It was maybe 2 months ago when I did a Factory reset on the NVR

So I am wondering if anyone else has this issue? Had this issue and fixed it? First time I called was with my CVI until in 2018 or 2019 I can't remember now.. I called Support was told it was no longer supported unit for FW but would have life time support the offer was to do a factory reset and yes it did clear it up.. However this didn't last long because it is again locked out all cameras.. Last time I removed and added back my IP cameras to get them to comeback online on Reboot but there is no way of doing that with my NVR because I have tried or my CVI camera...

I Really don't want to Reset the NVR and DVR and oddly why on my NVR is CH1 only CH that will load after a reboot? It was added the same time I added all the rest?

Thanks for Any Insight to this issue in advance

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