NVR wants plugins before logging in. WHY?

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NVR wants plugins before logging in. WHY?

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I have bought dozens of Amcrest cameras and NVR's and generally was happy to come back for more.
But never again!!!

One of the NVR's I have won't let me login without installing plugins. I only want to change FTP credentials, I don't need to see any video. Still, it insists. Well, guess what, there are no plugins for Linux. I tried with Firefox, Chromium, Chrome. No joy.

I called Amcrest support. The lady in India had an accent, the line was noisy, and I could not get one word of what she was saying. She hung up on me.

I got on the chat window, he said to use Internet Explorer. I don't keep around any Windows machines. Finally borrowed one, opened IE, it said to install plugins first. I cursed under my breath, hit the install button. Nope, did not work, still said "Install plugins."

Guess what Amcrest? You can go to hell! I will buy only Reolink from now on. As Captain Kirk said to Kruge, I have had enough of you!
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Re: NVR wants plugins before logging in. WHY?

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Once you get log in upgrade the firmware. Then you should be fine
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