NVR/Camera Network Configuration

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NVR/Camera Network Configuration

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I am trying to make sure the NVR/Camera components I am thinking of buying will work in my desired network configuration. I have gotten conflicting and unbelievable answers from Amcrest Sales and Support.
The schematic below is my desired configuration. I have a large property with an existing mesh WiFi network covering the property. I am in a rural area with poor internet access – spotty 3.5M DSL. With this low bandwidth the cameras cannot stream over the internet. The bandwidth will not support multiple cameras. A single streaming camera slows my service to a crawl.
I am considering the NV4116-HS and ASH42 cameras. I can use the internet to configure the cameras but the cameras will need to be connected only to the NVR for operation. Amcrest support has told me that the cameras will need to transmit to the internet and then return the data to the NVR. This is difficult to believe.
I will only access the system remotely on rare occasions and want to do this through the NVR.
Are these the right system components? If not, what is recommended?
Network Map A.png
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Re: NVR/Camera Network Configuration

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Recording eleven 4MP WIFI cameras continuously to your NVR sounds very error prone.   Motion Detect video recording only should normally be easier .  Your mesh performance is key and mesh should help reduce interference.
To reduce camera bandwidth, you may want to consider the 2MP ASH22.  Also, I've seen comments indicating the ASH22 has more robust WIFI capability than other Amcrest WIFI cameras used. Using H.265 video compression will also reduce bandwidth.
These cameras are 2.4 ghz only and may may cause connection problems on some mesh systems because of only one ssid available for mesh.
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