NV4116E missing FOSCAM camera type

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NV4116E missing FOSCAM camera type

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I have a NV4116E-HS running version 3.215.00AC000.0 and when I configure cameras I don't have a FOSCAM option. I can get them to connect via ONVIF, but when I do that I can't get motion detect to work. The Camera Device Status screen just has 2 dashes under the Video Detect column, and no matter what I do it won't trigger a motion record. I have 3 different types of camera's, each with their latest respective firmware.

Yes, my camera's are set to have motion enabled. I get the motion event in the camera log. The NVR just never sees it. Schedules are enabled in the NVR, and detection is set on the cameras. Any idea how to either get these to alert off of ONVIF mode, or why the FOSCAM type is missing from the camera list?

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Re: NV4116E missing FOSCAM camera type

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Was this ever resolved, i have the same issue with the same NVR.
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