NV4108-HS hard drive filling fast

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NV4108-HS hard drive filling fast

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I have a NV4108-HS NVR connected with four IP3M-954E cameras and my 4TB drive fills after only about 3 weeks. At my mom's house there is a different model Amcrest NVR (8 channel with built in POE switch) and five IP3M-954E cameras identical to mine and hers records *3 months* on an identical 4TB drive. I've tried cranking down my video settings and that didn't seem to make any difference at all. Looking at my live view I'm seeing <200kbps per camera most of the time. All cameras on both systems are set to VBR, all view scenery with similar amounts of movement.

Is there a limitation to the NV4108-HS NVR? Amcrest has so many different models of NVR and I have never been able to find a clear comparison between them. It's almost like it is ignoring VBR and consuming a fixed amount of disk space but I don't want to replace the NVR and then find out something else was responsible for the issue. I can understand seeing some variation but when my mom's system is recording four times as much footage from a larger number of cameras set to higher video quality than mine manages on an identical drive I have to wonder. Is there a way to see what's going on? The cameras are nice but the firmware on these NVRs is horrid.
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Re: NV4108-HS hard drive filling fast

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I only get 2 weeks on my 4TB. I have all 8 channels recording 24/7.
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