Need help setting up additional remote camera

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Need help setting up additional remote camera

Post by Dshow »

I purchased a IP4M-1041B to install at my mother's house. Just trying to figure out how to set this up...
The issues are: I already have 2 Amcrest cameras at my house so I already use Amcrest View Pro on my Iphone and can view my existing cameras.
I would like to share images from this camera (and not the images from my other cameras.)
If I add this to my Amcrest View Pro, I don't know how to share just this camera.

I do have the Amcrest Chrome Web view application on my PC and I can add users there, but I don't know how to 'invite' them and how would they log in?

Thank you!
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Re: Need help setting up additional remote camera

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So to be honest the best thing would be to setup a new account and then have whom ever you want to have access to the device DL the Amcrest View Pro app off Google store or the Apple store. Then you are only giving them access to the camera and not your app.

That is the best way to do it. Again with in the Camera, go to users and make a new user, User1 (Make any name you like) There you will make a password for them as well. When they DL the app, you give them the Serial Number to the camera, the user name and password. They add into the app the DL and they have access..
Thanks to all that has helped out others on the Forum
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