Have some questions or having issues with your DVR/NVR(s), Post them here for the mods and other users to assist you with.
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Alright I figured I’d try here as I have exhausted my abilities on this issue. I’ll start with with the equipment first.

I have 2 24 port poe 10/100 amcrest switches
3 16channel nvrs 4116-hs;
42 cameras 4 different models all poe hard wired with the exception of 2 Wireless IPs and 3 non poe hardwired cams

Now my system has a bit of backing feeding it, the topology is as follows

1gb fiber
Ubiquiti - 5 port Dream Machine - feeding 2 amcrest switches, 1 ubiquiti 8 port switch poe gig, 1 tplink 5 port gig switch
The dream machine has direct connections to each switch uplink

Tplink - feeds the 3 NVRs
Each NVR is setup with approx 8 cameras I say approx because through this troubleshooting process I’ve gone down to 8 even though the nvrs are 16 channel

I have the most recent build on each of the nvrs, I have been unable to update the cameras, the update seems to fail and I cannot establish an online update for them either. With the latest builds on the nvrs the cameras on the first amcrest switch seem to have been mostly stabilized I still get some skipping and jumping but not near as much as on the 2nd switch. The 2nd one has about a 4-8 second dead/bounce delay meaning I get a refresh of 1 sec every 4-8 sec. this is impossible to monitor with and has caused some very bad issues. The active monitoring of throughout shows 208mb/210mb max, so I’ve tried to turn down the resolution, FPS, quality, and every time I do the throughput does not change. The settings seem to hold, but the result is worse quality and same delays.

I really am at a loss with what to do in order to resolve the issues, but cannot seem to find the source of the problem.
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Re: Lag/Choppy/Constant

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Hello and Welcome to the forum..

Sorry to hear about the problems.. With that many Cameras and Recorders things can get little crazy at times.. I have a good few to many recorders and cameras myself..

So for your system to work right a few things needs to happen. First hate to say it but if your using any CCA cables it is best to find a good source for some real Copper cables and redo your wiring..
Then need to make sure that your Cameras are with good working IP's that are not blocked by one of the Switch IP's that might not have access to the internet.. While I have tested this a few times on my Managed switches oddly some of the cameras get past it where others didn't so I just make sure all my Managed Switches have access to the Internet..
Then for the cameras to work with getting updates from the Internet they will need to be older FW behind the 2019 set of FW if they are from 2019 to current then you will have to Download them and install them your self.. Because using the button on the WebUI for up grading your camera is only good for cameras that Pre Date 2019.. So 2015-2018 FW can auto update with the button in the Cameras WebUI if there is an update..

So if you have 10 cameras of 1 model and want to update to a 2021 or 2020 FW best thing to do is use the Amcrest IP Config Tool and you can do Batch Firmware Update with that software.. Just need to make sure you have your cameras setup with the same user and password for the system to do a Batch update...

Then this might only be related to the cameras and might be the cause of the issue in your NVR and may not be it is hard to tell.. (Could be cable related) However need to make sure that the camera has a connection to a good IP that has access to the Internet, Subnet Mask (Set) Default Gateway (Set) and DNS if your in the USA is good with and if in the other part of the world

So for me, I would pick the most important group of cameras and make sure they are working up to spec before moving on to the next recorder and cameras.. Doing it that way will help keep you sane.. This might mean that you need to Reset your NVR and then your Cameras and Start over.. The reason I say this is because the issue might be within your NVR and if you don't reset it then all the camera work will result back into the same issues your with right now..

Then I would setup your Cameras in order of Importance this can be changed within the NVR using the Sequence feature of the NVR to place them where you really want them in your system later... Once you get your system running and you reset the camera then install the camera after say 8 or so to find that there is an issue. Remove that camera and try another one going back to the other camera later as it might be an issue with that camera, Bad Power, bad cable there are many different issues that can come about when trying to get these setup well..

So in last something to note..

When I take my 4216E-AI NVR and remove all 16ch off that NVR and add them to my 2116-HS NVR my system works ok however depending on where I place the cameras I can get a fast error that I am over Decode and then it will clear up and work as expected.. However when I put the same cameras on my 4216E-AI NVR I have no issue with that error and don't mater if they are on the POE ports or on my POE Switches.. So while the cameras might be able to work with your NVR seeing I don't know what they are it might be that they are truly overloading the NVRs CPU and ability..
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