Firmware upgrade <10003>

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Firmware upgrade <10003>

Post by mel0dia »

This message WILL NOT go away. I press OK to upgrade or Cancel, and it just comes back. FOR MONTHS NOW. Amcrest customer service is AWFUL. I emailed them in July and it's been sent to the "R&D" team to which they've just stopped responding.

This is what we have:

Amcrest ProHD 2-Megapixel (1920 x 1080p) 4CH Network POE Video Security System (NVR Kit) -
Four 2MP POE Outdoor Bullet IP Cameras
AMNV20M4-4B-B ... UTF8&psc=1
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Re: Firmware upgrade <10003>

Post by Revo2Maxx »

Sorry I personally can't tell what system that is. The FW update is strange to me seeing it is what my CVI unit has as it's last update and yet yours is saying that it is a POE NVR!?

So I am sure they have had you go to the FW update page or sent you a link to the update for your system? Again I would give you more info if I had it, I just don't know what NVR comes with that kit,

What is odd is that the message will not pop up for any FW newer then 2018.

I can tell you how to fix it but that isn't going to help make sure you have the current FW either..

I am sure they have told you already to Reset the NVR back to Factory settings. Not something anyone wants to do, I have to do it on my CVI system about every 6 months or I get issues where the system work work as expected. After Reset it works for a good while..

One thing that can happen if you were to reset your system to factory, If you don't give it a good DNS setting and if you don't have Cloud or turn on P2P then it will never ask the server if there is a New FW.. IF one is saying it is Required that sounds like one that was Pushed because of a Security Risk and in that case you should look at the info in the NVR for System that it is, Like is it a 2104E, or 2108e or is it with -HS at the end? then I would go to the Firmware webpage and see if you can find the FW for the device

Just keep in mind that if the Device FW is for 2019 or newer it is JS fw and once you go there you can't go back. The JS 4.0 FW is much different then older FW and I like it over the older system.. Where the update info from the NVR will be for the last Update before JS, Seeing the JS FW has to be DL and installed..
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Re: Firmware upgrade <10003>

Post by egytech »

upgrading usually is good ,it fixes bugs and problems but some times it creates other problems, the bottom line do upgrades when needed only , meaning if u have issues , upgrade could fix it but if ur system is stable , u dont need to
if some one more familier with amcrest and would tells whats new in this upgrade it would be helpful
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