Factory Reset button missing on my NVR4108

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Factory Reset button missing on my NVR4108

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Just bought the 5mp bundle off of Amazon. Accidentally set the monitor resolution too high and there's no way to revert it.

All of the online instructions tell me to press the reset button, but no one in my house can see a reset button on the case or on the circuit card inside it... Should I remove the battery for 30 seconds?
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Re: Factory Reset button missing on my NVR4108

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Removing the battery isn't going to work as some report it will..

What one needs to do is make a connection to the WebUI and go to Display and change the Display to the one that will work for you..

Also just to be sure, There are a couple of different models of the 4108.. There is the Normal, 4108E, and then there are the HS models the HS does have a Button on the board when looking at the front of the NVR it would be on the Right side toward the front..

Using IE, go to the NVR, IP address, put in the admin, and password, then got to the Cog at the top for setup, then choose Display, at the top it will give the area for change. Once that change is made the Display will work from the NVR..
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