Does not connect to wi-fi

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Re: Does not connect to wi-fi

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I have the same issue with the new IP2M-846B. Wifi connectivity is beyond horrible, and I damn near gave up trying to initially configure it with all the 'bad password' nonsense. I dont know how it just finally worked but it did and I dont dare look at the wifi connection page in the setup app for fear it will break.

It works fine when you have an ethernet cable plugged in, but wifi is really bad. It's very choppy and stutters horribly if you try to pan the camera if it works at all, mostly BlueIris just says the camera is not available until it pop back on minutes later to repeat the same issues. This camera is sitting about 9 feet away from my wifi router, while other brand cameras i have around the house all work brilliantly while 40+ feet away.
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Re: Does not connect to wi-fi

Post by miguel »


I have the same issue, I can't connect the camera via WI-FI, I already changed the encryption with no luck. I submitted a support ticket, wish me luck. My camera model is ip2m-841ew.
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Re: Does not connect to wi-fi

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Hello miguel ,

Are you sure the camera model is ip2m-841ew and not ip2m-841w? The ip2m-841ew Is a POE model and does not connect wireless.
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Re: Does not connect to wi-fi

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I wrote an app to make connecting to Amcrest cameras much simpler than their bundled software. Although it doesn't have as many features yet - give it a spin and let me know if it makes connecting easier :)
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