Different resolution recording camera vs NVR

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Different resolution recording camera vs NVR

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Hey everyone. I'm wondering if the Amcrest NVRs can view/stream/record a different resolution than the camera is set to.

Our mailbox security has a bunch of 5MP turret cameras, and an SD card installed in each one (for backup recording). Our primary NVR on site is an Amcrest NV5216. I would like to set up a secondary NVR that is in a remote location (off network, streaming the feeds via port forwarding). I'm wanting to have the second NVR only stream/record either the camera's substream, or somehow set it to record a lower resolution (1080, 720, etc), but still have the primary NVR and camera itself set to record the max resolution. This is in order to conserve bandwidth.

Is this possible? I tried setting the remote NVR to a lower resolution, but it just changed the resolution of the actual camera.
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Re: Different resolution recording camera vs NVR

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This would need to be done with a Sub Stream and sadly the main stream would need to be the same.. Just to be clear both Streams would need to be the same for both systems what I am talking about is to Record on the Second NVR via Sub only..

When you connect a camera to a NVR that camera tells the NVR what it is able to Encode at. With that said your going to want to make sure your NVR's will run same Format. Because with one of my NEW 4mp cameras with it connected to my 2116-HS using H265 I can't use the Camera on my 4108E or 4108H even though they both say they will do H265 for some reason the camera set in that will not work on either of those however if I setup on my 2116-HS to H264 I can then display and record on the other without issue..

So on the Second machine you will want to setup to Record events and or full time recording in your Sub Streams. In order to do this on some machines you will need to click on the Storage, go to Record and turn off the Main Stream.. If you change something in your second NVR in the Main Stream this will change in the Camera and will then make the change in the 1st NVR as well.

Then if your Cameras have a Second Sub Steam you can also setup that for recording as well but not many Cameras have a 3rd stream aka Main, Sub Stream 1 and Sub Stream 2. Some do some don't.. Also make note that most Sub Streams are LOW as your talking 1080p or 720p and some only will do high of 640x480 so will depend on your cameras...
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