Connecting IP Cameras in Various Locations to an NVR

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Connecting IP Cameras in Various Locations to an NVR

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I have five IP cameras in total - three are on one home network and the other two are on another home network in a different location. How can I set up all five cameras in my NVR?
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Re: Connecting IP Cameras in Various Locations to an NVR

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While I want to say you can't that isn't 100% true.. However you can't Easy... So what you can do and it would be the best for your network doing such. Is Using ASP to connect to the Cameras Over P2P. What is important is that both locations will need network connected to the Internet.

Then you can setup ASP as a NVR using PC-NVR that it comes with but keep in mind it is better used as a Monitoring device IMHO... Or you could use ASP to Record the 2 other cameras away so you have a local copy to refer to and a tool to monitor them all.

So there are other ways some require loads of Network port forwarding and things that can make for a hard time. That is little more then I personally would want to type out on a CCTV Camera Forum. Maybe looking up you tube or other networking sites on how to make a tunnel connection or setup a VPN as long as your ISP allows such a connection..
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