Cell Phone Notification Link to App (Live View)?

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Cell Phone Notification Link to App (Live View)?

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Amcrest NV4108E-HS


Customer asked, "Why can't this app on my cell phone open when I click a notification email? My Ring doorbell does!"

I only see a snapshot in the emails, nothing else, and I'm having trouble showing the 'action', what with delays in taking the screenshot from a motion detect trigger...

I currently post notices to an email that does not require SMTP security, and functions solely as an alias to my email and theirs. I see what they see.

Assuming this was never thought of, and cannot happen natively, I can write a program to parse each email and insert said link. If this is the only way, what should that link look like?

If there is a native way to do so, like the cheap chinese NVRs do, I'm listening!

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Re: Cell Phone Notification Link to App (Live View)?

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We are always welcoming insight so we can continue to improve on our Technologies. I will pass this request onto our Developers for consideration in the update. In the meantime when a notification is triggered, for now the user will have to press the notification Icon to see the event.

Thanks again for your input.

Amcrest Team
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