Camera connected to POE NVR connect to NON Poe NVR

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Camera connected to POE NVR connect to NON Poe NVR

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Ok so had someone ask me about connecting a camera that is connected to their POE NVR and wanted to connect it to a NV4108h non POE NVR.. I told him that in fact it could be done and thought I would make a Fast Video of it so others that might want to do that can as well..

Why that might be important? Well you know that POE camera that you bought and it came with a Power supply (I know not all do) anyway seeing you bought the POE camera before the NVR. With POE NVR camera connected and since upgraded your NVR to a non POE NVR because you have not bought anymore POE cameras. So you want to use your POE camera on your NON poe NVR.. Just add it like you would another camera using your NVR Ip address..

Now if they only have 1 POE camera why does it matter they had it on a different PORT and didn't want to make changes outside of that, IT offers Zero Channel and was not able to figure out how to make the 4108h change to that port number..

So if that is something that you want to do? I did make a Video of me connecting my POE camera that is connected to the POE NVR on port 6 and connected it to my 4108h with no issue. Now I did start out with that already connected to Camera 8 on the POE NVR before I started the Video but still shows what is needed once you make a Connection, show to change the Ch number and I show that it is infact my camera that is connected to my NVR POE port 6...
Thanks to all that has helped out others on the Forum
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