Anti Dither and Full screen on motion

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Anti Dither and Full screen on motion

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So I thought I would mention some things that I might post different about when it comes to my IP cameras or something other then 0.. So normally for my IP cameras I use 0 when setup for Motion however this don't work when you setup for your DVR or NVR

So when you setup motion detection and want your screen to come online with what channel has motion detected the Anti Dither will be used for how long your screen pops up full screen before going back to your normal viewing channel.

So lets say that you are setting up 8 ch DVR and you most often only monitor 1 channel at full screen however you want to know when a few other channels get motion events because they might be covering a Delivery door or maybe even your back or side door, Garage door or shed.. Whatever the case is you have it setup for Motion on that camera, Then on the motion screen you would pick Tour, and it should already have that channel picked. ONce you save it and return to your normal monitored channel when that other setup channel gets a motion alert it will change your normal viewed channel to the one setup for how ever long you have Anti Dither setup for. So if you need a good amount of time then you would want to change that 5 that it normally is set at out of the start to something that best suits your needs.. If you have tried to setup the tour for your DVR or NVR and it just rapid goes to that motion channel and returns to your normally viewed channel make sure your Anti Dither is not setup to low..
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