Adding Amcrest IP Camera to QSee NVR

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Adding Amcrest IP Camera to QSee NVR

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So I have been looking at replacement cameras for my QSee setup. I have a 16 Camera QSee NVR and I was hoping I could add a AMCREST IP Camera to it. I havent had much luck doing so. Has anyone done this is there a trick?

Any Help would be great. Thanks
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Re: Adding Amcrest IP Camera to QSee NVR

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Hello and Welcome to the forum..

Sadly 1 thing is it might be hard for others to help with this because it is hard to tell what Qsee you have and if it was an Open Onvif machine or one of the ones they only let their own products run on. Now since the Ban of Hik and Dahua products in The USA Qsee have moved to support Uniview and TVT products.

So like one of my other machines from a different company in the Hikvision list of OEM providers they have the system setup out of the box to only support their own product. However if one looks deep enough there might be a Toggle as all of mine have it where you can Toggle in Onvif support and this will open the machine up to let it work with other providers not just their own... Maybe that is something you have to do for yours...

Also please note One of my DVR's that is not Open to normal IP cameras outside of their own when I do a list of Cameras it makes me mad that it shows all of my cameras in my IP stack even without being able to use them until I turn on the ONVIF lol. So looking at the list of cameras for my DVR it shows 34 camera yet it only a 8bnc+2IP DVR lol
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