42xx AI not detecting humans or cars

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42xx AI not detecting humans or cars

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So I wanted to touch on this some... Someone has said they have the systems setup and that it don't do anything right.. Sadly this is one of the things that can happen and when you setup your Camera the Camera has to be either setup with a Good FOV or changes might need to be made for getting the right detections.. So after someone said my settings might be good for them yet my camera is on a different FOV so it would be hard to give out what I have mine set for...

So I thought ok. Lets see what happens if I put it back where Default is on the NVR and while the Vehicle and person detection has been working perfectly even on the very edge of my Rule after putting the settings back to default last night I did get a Cat that is said to be a Person...Oddly enough I am not sure how or why lol.. I will leave the Default settings for the rest of the day and see if any other false readings happen.. Good news is that a bag blowing by didn't get detected even though it was better size of a persons face..

So while I do feel if the system is setup in the right place with a good enough camera and in a FOV for DORI then keeping the settings normal (Default) might be ok however if your camera is outside of the Detection zone for DORI then making some settings changes might be a good idea and testing out the settings over a day not just a few minutes might be also good idea... Another thing while might not be needed Also a Reboot of the machine after making adjustments for me anyway seem to make things work as expected more then just making the change without a Reboot... It comes back online fast so no loss doing so..

The picture of the cat in the road is not where it triggered just where the image ended in playback it trigged at the center of the image..
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