Amcrest SmartHome using locally

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Amcrest SmartHome using locally

Post by humagin »


I would like to know if I will be able to access the video stream locally (without going through the internet) with the Amcrest SmartHome Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera System Wireless Kit with Smart Hub Connection (AB2WFSET). I would like to install this on a boat where I gave a router and wifi but no internet when I am on the water so the video stream needs to be accessible locally. My understanding is that it would work with the AmcrestViewPro app. Is this correct?

Finally, can you setup the camera for both (locally & cloud so that it is accessible outside when I am at the Marina which has the internet).

Thank you for your help!
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Re: Amcrest SmartHome using locally

Post by jack7 »

I doubt you would be successful trying that.  See ... mera-Setup
First paragraph says:
Battery Camera Setup
Note: The battery camera and smart hub can only be accessed via the Amcrest Smart Home app. The device is not able to be viewed via Amcrest NVRs, Blue Iris, or any other surveillance software. For more information on how to setup your battery camera, please refer to the information provided below.
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Re: Amcrest SmartHome using locally

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While this is kind of true you can add it to your NVR or DVR on a IP channel it just won't work like other cameras will. When the camera is offline because there is no action in front of the camera one of 2 things might happen, Black Screen or a Froze picture of what was last on the Viewing screen if you happen to have had it Full screen at the time of last motion..

Outside of that there is no action on the Hub, use the Smarthome app to View footage saved to the Thumb Drive or what ever drive you connect to the hub.. Connection to network with Internet I am guessing is going to be needed for seemless playback..

I only own the single camera model and does well for what it is. Not something I would use as only method of Security.. For me it is great to be able to move around in areas needed at a time when I have no power or cables at a spot or to help cover an area where I have a camera offline for repairs or maintenance..
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