Wall mount issues

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Wall mount issues

Post by drhans »

I've got a IP8M-MT2544EW camera and the corresponding AMCPFB203W wall mount. When the camera is mounted to wall mount, is there supposed to be a large exposed slot where the camera flange extends past the edge of the wall mount? Seems like this would be an ingress point for water and spiders.
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Re: Wall mount issues

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I am not sure where you got the Mount from was it Amcrest or a 3rd party? From what I read in the Manual for the camera the outside is 122mm and from what I can find the mount is to house a 122mm camera and so in theory that camera should be right to the edge.. Maybe that camera you have is from a Different Generation and has a bigger housing then what it was first released with some 2 years ago or so.. Might have been the part was mis labeled if it was from Amcrest..
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