Unplayable mp4 files

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Re: Unplayable mp4 files

Post by jimbo »

Any more info on this issue? All my MP4 files will not play on Windows or any Android app which​ I use to view ftp'd files​ from other camera brands.
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Re: Unplayable mp4 files

Post by GuyCre8ive »

I'm having this same problem with the IP8M-MB2546EW, some files play and some don't. If I throw the unreadable files into Corel Video Studio or DaVinci Resolve they play though. Weird..
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Re: Unplayable mp4 files

Post by camster »

I have the same problem. I recently upgraded from the 1080p camera to the IP4M-1051B. The camera oscillates on/off the wifi network even when I put an extender right next to it. In the rare times that it does stay connected, it uploads MP4 clips to the FTP site that either won't play at all or merely blip an image for about 1 second and close. None of my video editing software can recognize them. I've tried just about everything. Guess I'll have to revert back to the 1080p version, unfortunately. Very, very disappointed.
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Re: Unplayable mp4 files

Post by Revo2Maxx »

@camster Hello and Welcome to the forum.

So wondering what Version of the Firmware are you using? To be honest while I can use the camera on the Wifi I found that I prefer using Ethernet for most of my cameras. I will admit that I do have a few 1080p cameras that are working on Wifi and one that is 1.3mp.. However the 1.3mp camera is very hard to keep going seeing the range..

For my 1051 while it is W I am not sure that it really matters as I would assume that they are with the same Circuits just different color body... Only issue I have with my 1051 is that it has some really bad HUM in the audio..

With Wifi even on 5g where I like to run my 941 and 1051 seeing there is less traffic on that band there is a slight delay in video and audio. When it is connected over Cable it works just fine with video and audio as to speed of connection *No lag* still the HUM no matter Wifi or wired.. Other then that I like the 1051.. Personally the quality of the 841 or 941 I go with one of them over the 1051 my self. I might just have a bad camera..
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