Problem after router was replaced

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Problem after router was replaced

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I hope I include enough information. I currently have a Amcrest DVR with 8 ports but 16 channels available. I expanded to 16 POE Cameras by using a switch and hooking that up too the router. Fast-forward, router needs to be replaced and is swapped by the Internet Provider. Well that gave us internet but all cameras connected through the switch now says "cannot find network host" so I log into the NVR and delete the switch cameras, refresh, finds all the cameras. Hit Add, shows them as offline, past solution was to change password of the camera and they would connect.

I tried turning off router, NVR and switch and turning on Router then NVR and finally switch.

I'm suspecting the internet provider didn't make sure the settings matched when swapping out routers (ports and such are not set)

Am I on the right trail or barking up the wrong tree? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Problem after router was replaced

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So here is what i suspect is the issue. Your NVR and cameras are not showing the right ip range and or not showing the right gateway. If you have total access to your router easiest thing would be change router to the right ip range. Next thing you could do if you don't have total access would be chance info in each camera to reflect your current ip range

So maybe old router gave the new might be so to change range in router it would only be changing your network ip from 1 to 0 and same for gateway after restart all would be back. However you could also setup in nvr the range for cameras as the range in network settings however doing this outside your network range would make it not able to access the internet for remote viewing
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