New AI PTZ cameras info?

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New AI PTZ cameras info?

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So I have many cameras and in my line of Amcrest PTZ's that are not just 841 or the like my Outdoor PTZ is older 850. I have 2 of them. So I was looking for info about some of the NEWER models and if anyone has them that look at the forum if they have some features like some of my Older non Amcrest PTZ cameras do.. So the AI cameras in Question is 863, 1063 and the 1083.

So my Camera that I would like to Upgrade into a Amcrest AI camera is from 2014, It has 32x zoom. It has the ability to work in different PTZ format that can be setup for different Function. Like Preset 1, I can setup Line Crossing. Preset 2 I can setup for Intrusion and so on.. While I am not asking for all parts to be the same like I am sure that the Face Detection can't function while other features are running like I can with mine..

Also wondering if I can make Preset camera changes per preset. Idea below.

So on one of Preset that faces a Very lit area at night, I set that preset to work in Color. So even if it is night and dark out and the camera is in B/W mode if I go to that Preset it will change the Cameras ICR and it will function in color at that Preset. Going back to any of the other presets it will change back in to B/W.. So what I mean is in my Camera setup area there are 2 options Global and Preset. Anything I set in the Global area will be the cameras setting at all times unless there is a Preset setting that changes it..

So for instance this camera isn't as cool as my 850 and have the ability to look at the sky because of the camera type however if I mounted it so I could see the sky like when I did my moon setting video, I would have just setup the camera to see the moon on the options needed to have the moon seen. Then changing the camera to any other Preset it would go back to normal camera setting or the Setting for the camera at that Preset... Here is a picture of what I am talking about from my older Camera. It works ok just its only 1.3mp so would like an upgrade 2 or 4mp and one that would work better with my AI NVR..
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